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Are you still using that old keypad mobile? No right, and that’s how this world works. It has evolved tremendously. Now every person in this world has a mobile with access to an internet Connection and it’s a Golden Opportunity to level up your small business presence! You May wonder, How?

With the help of using these few a website design tips for small business!

Now let’s see why a website is important for every business

If your business is not on the Internet, then it will be out of business – Bill Gates.

This states that websites are more important for every business to survive in this competitive world and to communicate with a global audience.

Let’s see how a simple website can help your small business grow!

1. Credibility and professionalism

The major importance of creating a business website for your company is building credibility and professionalism. Creating a website for your company increases customer credibility and builds trust among them. Most users will likely not trust your business if there is no website.

2. Branding

The second most important website design tip for small business is branding. With a website and online presence, it’s easier to make your business look targeted and brand-oriented with the help of brand language. This will also increase the recall value of your business. Branding will also help you improve website designs look and feel.

3. Lead Generation

The main purpose of creating a business website is to generate as many leads as possible from around the world. Having a good SEO friendly website will lead to larger traffic on the website, hence more possibilities of lead generation.

4. Organic Traffic

If your business website has optimized SEO, it will help your business rank higher in Google search results, which makes it easier for customers to find your business eventually generating organic traffic and lead generation.

5. Data Analytics

The last major reason to getting a business website done is that it helps to analyze the data of your customers, and you can get feedback from your customers. You can also find out what problems your customers are facing and can solve those problems.

Now as we learned about the positive impacts of creating a business website, let us understand how to built a website with few quick tips!

Web design Tips for Small Business

Let’s see how you can improve website design in a few steps and some small business web design tips.

Answering 3 Questions

The first and most important website design tip for small businesses is to make sure that your website answers the three major questions.

  • Who are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • How can you help them?

Along with these 3 questions, keep in mind the following key points to create a good and communicative website.

1. Good User Experience and User Interface Design

Having a good user experience is the most important website design tip for small businesses. The website should be usable, findable, and also look visually appealing!

  • Clear Navigation
  • Simple and minimal design
  • Clear Visual Hierarchy are few of the many points to consider when designing a good UX of a website.

2. Social proof

By adding social proof like user testimonials and social media shares to your website website design tips for small businesses, you are letting the customers know they are not alone; there are actually users who are already using their website. According to word of mouth, most of the customers are likely to recommend the products they are using to others. So using social proof will definitely increase trust and build a huge customer base.

If you have used Instagram from the start of the introduction of reels, you may have noticed that there is only a sharing option, but later on they introduced how many shares the reels have gotten, which is also a kind of word of mouth and social proof.

You can also add the brands you have partnered with in the social proof section.

3. Structure of Website

Your website structure should always start with answering the 3W questions that we previously mentioned, showing social proof of building Trust, and lastly, calling to action!

4. Good UX writing

UX writing is a buzzword amongst copy writers nowadays. UX writing is the practice of writing carefully considered information that addresses people’s contexts, needs, and behaviors.

Your website’s should convey the message that you want  to convey in a simple and easy-to-understand language. Clear copywriting helps in building trust and also in lead generation eventually.

Eg: If you look at the Calendly website, their copywriting is clear, straighforward and easy to understand.

  • The header text grabs the audience.
  • The header sub-title tells the value of the website.
  • Finally, making the users take action!

6. Adding Videos or Relevant Images

Another website design tip for small businesses is to consider adding relevant videos or images that convey the message of your business, which builds more trust and legibility among the customers

For example, if you see the Slack website, it directly shows their app screens and features with the help of a video. Similarly, we also add images, which add to the value of the website.

7. Mobile Friendly

Creating a website with mobile friendliness is one of the key factors, nowadays people are more likely to use websites on their mobiles. So before publishing your website, you ensure that your website works well on both desktop and mobile. For creating a good responsive website you can also hire professional web design services for building your website.

  • In 2022, Research conducted by Statista says that the mobile website’s traffic has increased by 56% from 2015 to 2022.
  • Most users will likely revisit your website if it has a mobile-friendly design.
  • In 2023, research conducted by Hubspot found that 64% of SEO marketers said that optimizing your website for mobile friendliness is a worthy investment.

 Here are some tips to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

8. Responsive Layout:

One of the most important things to ensure before publishing your site is that it works well on different screen sizes. It also increases the possibility of ranking your website at the top on Google, as the search results show a mobile-friendly website at the top.

Some Benefits of Responsive Layout

  • Automatically adapts content according to screen size this creates smooth and consistent experience for the users
  • Lower bounce rate
  • High page loading speed (less wait time for the audience)

9. Text In Mobile Devices

Make sure that your website title and subtitle stay at the top of the list when loading the website, and it should clearly define the purpose of your website to the audience. Most audience will not read the content, they scan! Hence it is important to:

  • Avoid larger chunks of text, as it feels hard to read on small screens, this may make the website look overwhelming to the users.
  • Use the heading and subheading, this helps in creating a clear visual hierarchy and makes it easier to scan the content without any visual clutter.
  • Break down larger paragraphs into smaller and different sections. This helps users to get a visual break and absorb the information.

10. Prominent CTA / Button Placement:

Your CTA (Call to Action)/Button Placement should be such that the users dont have to find it, to take action! make them more prominent and findable. 

Lets understand some examples of clear and prominent buttons.

10.1 Rule of thumb

Buttons are the most important focus points on the website, and they should be placed where they are easily visible & touchable for the users. For example, in the below image, we can see which areas are easily reachable by the users in mobile devices.

Hence it is the best choice to keep CTA’s in the tumb reachable area.

10.2 Button Text

The button copy should not confuse the users; it should be clear and concise. This will help the user understand easily and take action quickly.


In this fast-moving world, every small business needs its website to stand out from the crowd and get more leads, Its not a good to have strategy anymore; it’s a mandatory requirement for businesses to become successful!

With the above given small business web design tips You can get your business website with the help of professional web design services. The benefits of getting services from professional people are that they already have a lot of experience and a team of qualified designers to get the job done in time. Hiring a webs design studio can also help you to focus on other business operations and not need to worry about your website!

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